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Production Opportunities

In addition to acting roles, we have opportunities for those who want to get involved either back stage or front of the house during performances.

For each production, we need help building and painting sets, setting and running lights, developing the sound effects and running sound, as well as gathering props and costumes.  We also need stage hands to help shift sets during performances.

For each production we also need people to help get the word out by writing press releases, taking production photos and videos for Facebook and our website, painting signs, prepping our Bank Boards, designing posters and programs.

For each performance, we need people to sell tickets and assist with intermission, and to help clean and set the studio before and after each performance.

Each of these tasks has a varying degree of expertise, but we can always use help.  If you are interested in any of these opportunities please call us at (802) 885-4098 or send us email at [email protected].  Also check out our Events calendar to see the performance dates for each production.