Celebrating Community Theater since 1920!

Our Members

It is through the financial support and the hard work and effort of members that the Springfield Community Players have created and sustained an interest in the arts and fostered the development and love of community theater in Springfield.

2020 Members






Donald Gray  Anna Kendall Gillian Pond Claire MacDonald Carol Clark
Molly Ferris  Florence Dow Will Danforth Elaine Rogers Charlie Kramp
  Irene Ramen Ann Fahlbusch Rebecca Skrypeck Barbara Ball
  Steve Osterlund Barbara Rodgers John MacDonald Caroline Marsh
Honorary Members Mike LaPointe Bernice Clark Todd Hutchinson Matt LaClair
Fred Ramen Brian Benoit Elaine Rogers Laurie Danforth Deb Robling
Nathan Pond Walter Jabs Jr. James Armand Soucy Barbara Hutchinson Fred Ramen
  Char Osterlund Keith Carey Carl Tropper George Caccavaro
  Jeff Mobus Liz Carey Dale O’Brien Gail Caccavaro
  Lisa Mobus Nancy Lanoue Dianne Butler Greg Villone
    Samantha Holmberg Dorothy Chansky Meagan Villone
    Sandra-Leigh Sprecker Estelle Goding Sandy Tracy
    Sara Norcross Eva SuoJanen David Johnson
    Scott Wunderle Phil Turner  
    Virginia Thulen Sharon Wood  
    Will Danforth Steve Wood  
    Gail Giesen Sue Hickey  
      John Hughes  
      Cindy Hughes